Welcome to our Las Vegas project.

You're probably here because either Mark or Shannon handed you a business card with this web address. Thanks for following up!

Las Vegas is a magical place. It's a city with a reputation, an allure all its own. But what is it that gives it that Vegas vibe? The hotels? The Casinos? The Night life? We'd like to think its you. Yes, you! The employees of this town that are on the front lines day in and day out, the employees behind the scenes making the machine run. When people scream Vegas! What are they screaming for? For you, thats who. Because its us that provide their experience, its us that make their memories, and its us that make Las Vegas what it is. 

For that reason we have decided to embark on a two part project.

What is the project?

The first part involves Shannon and I photographing Las Vegas Casino employees with more than 5 years of experience at their place of employment. If you're reading this, the first part was probably a few days ago! We pick Las Vegas places at random, and choose a few people for our project. We photograph them doing their jobs without their knowledge, then introduce ourselves.

The second part of our project involves having a studio portrait taken and answering a few basic questions about yourself. Stuff like where you work, how long have you lived in town, what brought you here, what you like/don't like about your job? Stuff like that. Doesn't have to be too revealing, unless you want it to be. Its all up to you.

So then what happens?

We would love to be published, and hopefully have a gallery showing.

What do I get?

You get a professionally done portrait of yourself, available for full resolution download to be used and printed for personal use. You also get a chance for your photo to appear in a Vegas photo book and gallery show.

What do I have to do?

If we approached you and took your photograph at your place of employment and you are interested in participating in our project then please contact us. Send us an email right here at budesaphoto@yahoo.com We'll set up an accommodating appointment for you at our studio. In the email let us know your name, where you work, and what photo number is yours down below.

If you're not interested in helping us with our project, we still appreciate your time. 

Please scroll down below for your complimentary photo. Click on it to make it larger, then at the bottom right of the page look for the download button. The photo is yours to keep, enjoy.

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