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Ideal Wedding Photography Timeline

We are often asked, "How much do you charge for 4 hours of Photography?" We reply with our current rate, but also ask the important question - "What do you want us to Photograph?" If its just the ceremony and reception, 4 hours will probably do fine, but often times brides are also interested capturing additional images during the day. Add to that travel time between the ceremony and reception and 4 hours may be cutting it short. 

When thinking of what photos you'd like to capture during the day,  please us this as a guide when deciding on the total time required. Some of these times may seem long, but remember, the day moves extremely fast, and most times behind schedule. There have been times where 30 min were planned for the brides portraits and we were allowed only 3. Every minute we are with you counts.

Details: The Rings, Dress, Shoes, Etc.

Ideal Amont of Time 

30 minutes

This is usually the first thing we photograph when entering the bridal suite after introducing ourselves. We are very courteous and may ask to move some things in the room to get our lighting just the way we want it. It also helps the bridal party become comfortable with our cameras when shooting details, instead of barging in and pointing the cameras directly in everyones faces.


Ideal Amount of Time

30-60 minutes

After the detail shots are complete, we then like to focus on the preparation. During this time we like to focus on the close ups of the makeup being applied, the dress laced up as well as the candid moments in-between. We then head over to the grooms side to capture the guys getting ready before returning to the brides side to capture some individual portraits.

Bridal Portraits

Ideal Amount of Time

20-30 minutes

Right after hair and makeup are applied are the best times for individual portraits of the bride. If getting ready in a hotel, we may suggest to move out of the room and take some photos in different areas of the hotel.

First Look

Ideal Amount of Time

45-60 minutes

We love when couples choose to do a first look. The emotion as they see each other is a timeless and romantic moment. The remaining time is spent capturing couples and individual portraits of the bride and groom. 

Wedding Party and Family Formals

Ideal Amount of Time

30-60 minutes

Immediately following the ceremony is the customary time for the Family Formals. While the rest of the guests head to the reception, the wedding party and key family members remain for formal photos. 

Plan on 3 minutes per group on average.

We prefer to start with the larger family group photos first, and gradually work our way down to just the wedding party. This way, the older guests and immediate family are able to make their way to the reception without having to wait around for their turn for photos.

We also recommend having a list of must have group photos and helpers from each side of the family to help round people up.

Couples Session - Reception Sneak Out

Ideal Amount of Time

15-30 minutes

Although we would want more time, we do realize the importance of being good hosts. During the reception is a great time to sneak away for a moment and get some great couples portraits. Depending on the time of day, we can capture some great night imagery or wonderful sunset portraits.

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